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We provide top tier automotive ceramic coatings, paint correction, paint protection film (PPF), window tint, and detailing to Boerne TX and the surrounding areas.

Texas Auto Curators is a first-class automotive detailing studio located in Boerne, TX that focuses on preserving the life, value, and integrity of cherished automobiles. We are an owner operated business that provides top tier ceramic coatings, paint correction, paint protection film (PPF), window tinting, and vehicle detailing. If you have a vehicle that needs any of these services, Texas Auto Curators is the premium choice to fulfill those needs.

When you bring your vehicle to us, it will be done right. We use only the best products to get the results our customers have come to expect from our services. We take pride in ensuring that every automobile that comes in for our detailing services is treated like it were our own prized possession. Keeping your investment clean, protected, and preserved is our top priority.

Professional Detailing Services for Boerne and the Surrounding Areas

Paint Correction Buffing

Paint Correction

When your vehicle’s paint has swirls, paint correction is the way to remove them. Our paint correction service is a two-step process that involves firstly compounding the paint to remove deeper imperfections, and then finishing with a polish to solidify the smooth and shiny paint finish. Even when brand new, vehicles will have paint imperfections from the factory, transport, and dealership. This does not just apply to the more affordable commuter and work vehicles, but also to high end luxury cars and supercars.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

A professionally installed ceramic coating is an excellent investment for your automobile. Ceramic coating your vehicles paint leaves a barrier of hydrophobic protection that helps lessen dirt, bugs, and other paint staining buildup. With proper washing care and maintenance, a ceramic coating makes washing your vehicle easier, since exterior particulates no longer stick as easily to the surface. We highly encourage paint correction before applying a ceramic coating, as it allows the coating to bond properly to the paint and gives it enhanced longevity and effectiveness.

Ceramic Coating

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film is the best way to prevent rock chips and other road debris from damaging the paint on your vehicle. At Texas Auto Curators, we install our PPF with hidden edges by tucking the film behind panels when possible. This method of installation helps to hide the lines of PPF that tend to catch dirt. We use the XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS line of film for gloss vehicles, and XPEL STEALTH for matte vehicles. Paint Protection Film paired with a ceramic coating is a great way to protect your paint, enhance its shine, keep it clean, and save time when washing it.

Window Tinting

Window Tint

Especially in Texas, window tint makes driving in your vehicle a lot more comfortable. Window tint provides protection from harmful UV rays and heat, keeping your vehicle’s interior cooler while also helping to preserve interior trims from sun fade. Window tint also gives you extra privacy in your vehicle by darkening the windows. In addition to your side and rear windows, we also offer windshield tint, which greatly reduces the UV rays and heat entering through the glass. After all, it is usually the largest window on the vehicle.

Window Tinting

Auto Detailing

Our automotive detailing services focus on exactly that; the details. We clean your car using our pH neutral filtered water to prevent any spotting, in combination with our high-end foaming shampoo that breaks down dirt and grime without affecting your paint with harsh chemicals. For the interior, we shampoo your carpets, vacuum the dirt and crumbs away, and condition your leather and trim so that it has that attractive satin shimmer to it. We offer a whole list of options when it comes to car detailing, so we can get your vehicle cleaned exactly how you want it.

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We curate the vehicles that come through our detailing shop to the highest standards in automotive detailing.

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Texas Auto Curators YouTube Channel

Our Texas Auto Curators YouTube channel showcases cinematic videos of cars that we have corrected, coated, and protected. Our auto detailing studio space is on full display in these videos, with our rolling light tunnel and heavy duty scissor lift.

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