Automotive Detailing in Boerne TX

We Offer Auto Detailing Services for the Exterior, Interior, Engine Bay, and Underside of your Vehicle.


Texas Auto Curators offers comprehensive detailing services for Boerne, TX and the surrounding areas.

Top Tier Detailing to Produce the Best Results

If you need your vehicle detailed and want it done properly and thoroughly, bring it to Texas Auto Curators. We take pride in delivering the best auto detailing services, ensuring that we properly clean every part of your vehicle that you need us to. Whether you are entering a special vehicle into a car show and want to win in your class, had someone spill their food or drink in your SUV, or just don’t have the time to get out all of the supplies needed to detail your vehicle, we have got you covered.

Exterior Detailing
Keep your vehicle looking clean and shiny with regular exterior detailing. Letting dirt and grime accumulate for too long can damage your vehicle's trim and paint.
Interior Detailing
You spend all your time driving inside your vehicle, so be sure to keep it clean and fresh.
Engine Bay Detailing
A clean engine bay is a sign of a vehicle that has been properly cared for.
Texas Auto Curators Window Tint and Detailing Mustang GT350R

Vehicles Look Better Clean

When it comes to exterior detailing, we use careful and methodical approaches when cleaning your vehicle to ensure that all contaminants are removed, while also being mindful of your vehicles paint. We use premium quality wash mitts and towels, paired with our filtered water that prevents water spotting. Using soft brushes, we clean the wheel faces to remove any brake dust and dirt that is stuck to them. We also offer plastic refreshing, where we apply product that refreshes the look of the trim. If your vehicle’s exhaust tips are looking dirty and dull, we can bring them back to life with an exhaust tip polish, which always makes a big difference once the rest of the exterior is already cleaned.

Interior Detail on a Ferrari 812

Dont Let Dust and Stains Build Up Inside

For interior detailing, we clean the surfaces of the inside of the vehicle. We use a variety of premium cleaning products that are tailored for the materials that are inside your vehicle. Whether its leather, plastic, carbon fiber, or painted surfaces, we can clean it properly. If your leather seats are looking a bit dried out, we can apply leather conditioner to bring back their shine and prevent them from cracking. If you have cloth seats that are stained, we can remove the stains and bring them back to life by using our extractor.

Engine Bay Detailing on Lamborghini Huracan STO

Don’t Neglect the Area That Keeps Your Vehicle Running

Have an engine bay that needs some love? Inquire about our engine bay detailing. Whether you have a classic vehicle, modern supercar, restomod, or a fun weekend sports car, your engine bay needs some cleaning love from time to time. We are experienced with cleaning all the different materials that you can find in an engine bay, from polished pieces, painted pieces, plastics, carbon fiber, and more. If you are taking your prized vehicle to a show, the engine bay is a crucial part of the car to have detailed and looking perfect.

What Detailing Services does Texas Auto Curators Provide?

Exterior Detailing

Keep your paint or wrap looking its best.

Interior Detailing

Spend time driving inside a clean environment.

Engine Bay Detailing

Open the hood to a clean looking motor.

Carpet Extraction

Remove dirt and grime from your carpets.

Plastics Refresh

Restore the deep black shine of your plastics.

Exhaust Tip Polishing

You would be surprised how much of a difference this makes.

Leather Conditioning

Prevent fading and cracking in your leather seats and trim.

Interior Air Blowout

Remove as many pesky particles as possible.

Clay Contaminant Removal

Remove small contaminants from your paint for a smooth finish and feel.

Texas Auto Curators

Car Detailing for Boerne TX and the Surrounding Areas

No matter what kind of vehicle you own, whether its a luxury sedan, sports car, SUV, truck, or even a firetruck, we can detail it.

We Take Zero Shortcuts With Our Detailing

Our goal is to get your car or truck looking the best it can. We care about your vehicle and we are extremely focused on the details. No matter what kind of car you have, we can help clean it where it needs it. We offer comprehensive detailing services that cover all areas of your car. We use professional grade supplies, tools, and methods. If you want your vehicle detailed properly, bring it to Texas Auto Curators.

An example of a popular exterior detail package that we do starts with iron removal and decontamination of the vehicle’s wheels, both on the faces and the barrels if possible. Then we move to a full exterior wash complemented by a clay decontamination. We use professional grade soap as well as deionized water to fully clean the vehicle while preventing water spots. We then dry the vehicle, and apply a 6 month ceramic coating to it, helping to prevent contaminants from sticking to the paint, and making future washes easier.

Our interior detailing can tackle even the toughest interior jobs. Whether thats stains, dirt, or dust, we can get your interior cleaned. Recently take a road trip to a sandy beach? Or perhaps the inside of your vehicle has just had a lot of dirt, particles, and spills adding up over time. What you may need is an interior blowout or a carpet extraction. These are deeper cleaning procedures that seek to remove all the particles possible from the inside of your vehicle. We also offer more basic interior cleaning servies like a vacuum or an interior detailer wipe down.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Detailing

Is Professional Detailing Worth It?

Professional detailing is definitely worth it. A proper professional detail removes contaminants from all areas of your vehicle, lessening the potential for build up from normal driving wear. Dirt and grime builds up on top of itself over time, so as long as you maintain your vehicle and give it basic washes when it gets dirty, the professional detail you had done will show. This goes for both the exterior as well as the interior.

Is My Car Too Dirty To Get Detailed?

No vehicle is too dirty to get a detail, however depending on the condition of the materials underneath the dirt and grime, the detail may not fully restore a factory new finish. If you don’t have the proper supplies to detail your own vehicle without damaging the paint or interior, be sure to contact Texas Auto Curators to schedule a detail. The last thing you want to do with an extremely dirty vehicle is improperly wash the paint and cause swirls, or damage your interior with the wrong chemicals.

Should I Take Everything Out Of My Car Before Detailing?

Absolutely. Removing items out of your vehicle before a professional detail will save you money and time, as your vehicle can be detailed faster when there are no loose items to remove from it in order to clean.

Whatever part of your vehicle you need professionally detailed in Boerne, TX, Texas Auto Curators has you covered. Our detailing methods are second to none, ensuring that your vehicle looks the best it can once we are done.