Automotive Ceramic Coating in Boerne TX

Ceramic Coatings Make Washing a Breeze and Keeps All Surfaces Clean


If you are located in Boerne, TX or any of the surrounding areas, Texas Auto Curators is your top tier choice for professional ceramic coating installs.

Why Would I Need a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are an essential when it comes to quality automotive care. It offers both protection and enhancement for your vehicle’s paint, acting as a hydrophobic shield against environmental contaminants, while also adding an attractive shine to the paint. We specialize in applying the highest quality ceramic coatings to virtually any surface on your vehicle.

Protect Your Paint
Ceramic coating your vehicle helps protect it from contaminants.
Add Shine and Depth To All Surfaces
Enhance the looks of your vehicle.
Simplify Maintenance
Save time and energy while cleaning your vehicle.
C8 Corvette Z06 getting a ceramic coating

Professional Coatings Go A Long Way

These advanced ceramic coatings offer unparalleled level of defense, effectively repelling dirt, water, and other contaminants. Our professional coatings also have a level of self-healing properties, providing scratch resistance to safeguard the integrity of your vehicle’s paint. Unlike traditional wax or sealant products, ceramic coatings form a durable, transparent layer that chemically bonds with your paint, creating a robust barrier that outlasts and outperforms wax or other sealants.

Ceramic Coating a Ferrari 812 Superfast seat

Get That Sweet Ceramic Shine

Coatings also elevate the exterior aesthetic appeal of your vehicle by amplifying your paint, ppf, or wrap, giving it a deeper shine and brilliant finish. This layer enhances the look of your vehicle while protecting the paint, preserving the value and integrity of the exterior of the vehicle. Getting the interior of your car ceramic coated has a similar effect, adding an attractive luster to the interior leather, vinyl, and trims. The coating also helps to preserve your interior from sun fade and protect it from dust, contaminants, and drink spills.

Ceramic coat on a Lamborghini Huracan

Watch The Water Bead Right Off

In addition to the protective and appearance enhancing properties, ceramic coatings simplify your car maintenance by making it easier to clean and maintain your vehicle’s pristine appearance. Our professional coatings have strong hydrophobic properties, where water effortlessly beads off the surface of the paint, carrying dirt and contaminants with it when you wash it. This helps prevent water spotting, and facilitates easier cleaning.

Our Ceramic Coating Packages

Exterior 12 Month Ceramic Coating

This ceramic coating is our entry level offering. You can get up to 12 months of the hydrophobic properties if the coating is cared for properly. This is great for those who are budget conscious, but still want to get protection for their vehicle.


Exterior 5 Year Ceramic Coating

This ceramic coating is our high level offering. Whether your vehicle’s paint is gloss, satin, matte, or single stage, we have a variation of our coating that is designed for that application. We can also ceramic coat wraps, paint protection film, plastic trim, and lights on your vehicle.


Interior Ceramic Coating

We have ceramic coatings for any material you would like protected in the interior of your vehicle. We can coat leather, vinyl, plastics, carbon fiber, and carpets.


Wheels Off Ceramic Coating

One of our very popular packages that we offer. We remove the wheels from your vehicle to fully clean them, and then ceramic coat every inch of them, both on the faces and barrels. We then clean your brake calipers completely, and fully ceramic coat them with our high temperature resistant coating.

Texas Auto Curators

Paint Correction Before Ceramic Coating

When you want to have a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle, we highly recommend having the paint corrected, or enhanced at a minimum first. This allows the coating to bond strongly to the paint, adding to the longevity and effectiveness of it. In turn, this makes it an even better value for your vehicle, because the paint will look flawless, and the coating with amplify that fact.

Professional Ceramic Coating Installations in Boerne TX

Texas Auto Curators provides professional ceramic coating installations for Boerne and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience applying the best ceramic coatings on the market. Our methods of application allow us to get the smoothest finish and prevent leaving visible high spots in the coating. When we install ceramic coatings, we take proper time to prep the vehicle in order for the coating to effectively bond to the paint. This ensures longevity and efectiveness of our ceramic coatings.

We Are A Certified Installer of NXTZEN Ceramic Coatings

At Texas Auto Curators, we install the highest grade of ceramic coatings. Each of these coatings have specific properties and applications, and we use them depending on the vehicle and the ceramic coating package, with factors being exterior paint, interior leather and vinyl, additional plastics, carbon fiber pieces, matte paint, and so on. We ensure that every unique material is properly coated with the ideal coating for the application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ceramic Coatings

How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Our ceramic coatings have a 5 year warranty attached to the VIN of your vehicle. They have been tested to last for 10 years with consistent proper maintenance.

How To Wash A Car That Has A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings require care to maintain their effectiveness. You should hand wash the vehicle, ideally using a pressure washer with a foam cannon attachment. Use a high quality soap with lubricants that are designed for ceramic coatings. Use clean microfiber mitts to wipe the foamed soap on the paint. Be careful when using these mitts to wipe the vehicle, as excessively dirty mitts can cause micro scratches from the dirt and grime in them. Dry the car using clean microfiber towels.

Is Ceramic Coating Worth It?

Ceramic coatings are worth the investment, as they protect and enhance the paint or wrap of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings also have hydrophobic properties that makes water bead off easily. This helps make washing easier, as water can pick up the dirt on the surface of the vehicle, and then bead off. Having a ceramic coating can help with resale value, as it shows you cared for the vehicle and hand washed it to maintain it.

If you are looking for a professional ceramic coating installer, Texas Auto Curators is your top choice for Boerne and the surrounding areas in Texas. Our focus is to preserve the life, value, and integrity of cherished automobiles.