Automotive Paint Correction in Boerne TX

Our Paint Correction Removes Marring, Swirl Marks, and Light Scratches


Texas Auto Curators offers professional automotive paint correction services for Boerne, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Why Would I Need Paint Correction?

No matter if your vehicle is new or used, the paint is likely to have some swirls and potentially scratches. From the factory, cars go through shipping, dealer point inspections, and might even sit outside exposed to the elements before you own it. Whether it is a daily commuter car, or a supercar, the paint likely needs some level of correction to remove those unnecessary swirls, scratches, and haziness.

Correct the Paint Prior to Coating

If you plan to have your vehicle ceramic coated, you should highly consider getting its paint corrected.

Maintain Vehicle Value

Corrected and preserved paint can help the resale value of your vehicle.

Showroom Quality Paint

Nobody likes to see swirled and scratched paint. Pull up to car shows and meets with clean and clear paint.
Paint Correcting an arctic grey Porsche 911 turbo

Ceramic Coatings Seal Your Paint

Paint correction is highly advised before a professionally installed ceramic coating, as it allows for the coating to bond better with the paint. This maximizes the longevity of the coating, and thus increases the protection and value of it. Another reason for paint correction before a ceramic coating, is because the coating will not hide scratches or swirls, but rather it can amplify them in light. The coating is a semi-permanent seal on your paint, so you want to have the paint looking pristine before sealing it off semi-permanently. While a coating is removable, the process is tedious to remove it, and in the end costs to remove and reinstall than it would to simply correct the paint beforehand.

Texas Auto Curators Classic Yellow Porsche 911 S

Clean Paint is More Attractive

Show vehicles, collector cars, and cars for sale greatly benefit from having a professional paint correction. At shows, vehicles are much more appealing when the paint is shiny and swirl-free. Clean paint adds value to collector vehicles, as well as cars that are being listed for sale. We see this often with classic cars that have aged paint. A correction can bring life back to the older paint, removing the haze and returning the shine.

Corvette C8 Z06 in Texas Auto Curators light tunnel

Factory Paint is Not Perfect

Get your paint looking perfect! The best time to get your vehicle paint corrected is from new, since the swirls and scratches will likely be minimal and require less work to remove. Once this is done, you just need to ensure proper washing methods in the future, and your vehicles paint will look better than new. Then, you can pull up to car shows and meets knowing that your vehicle’s paint is in pristine condition.

What are the Steps of Paint Correction?

Step 1 – Full Vehicle Decontamination Wash

The vehicle is washed using professional grade soap to decontaminate its surfaces. We use several wash mits and towels to ensure that the vehicle is cleaned as well as possible.


Step 2 – Full Vehicle Paint Clay Bar

The vehicle is clayed to remove contaminants from your vehicle’s clear coat. This is done to get rid of as much dust, grit, and water spots as possible before correcting the paint.


Step 3 – Compounding the Paint

This is the first part of paint correction. We use compound to remove swirls and scratches from the paint.


Step 4 – Polishing the Paint

This is the last part of paint correction. We use polish to restore the shine and glow to your vehicle’s paint after we have compounded it.

Texas Auto Curators

Before and After Paint Correction

Below you can see the before and after results on a Porsche 911 Turbo S in Arctic Grey. You will notice that the paint in the before image has swirls, light marring, and a slight haze in the paint that has muted the paint color and reduced its depth. In the after image, you can see that the swirls and minor marring have been completely erased, and the restored paint color and depth is immediately noticeable.

paint correction before paint correction after

We Take Zero Shortcuts With Our Paint Correction

Our goal is to ensure that your paint is corrected and looks as spectacular as possible. We do this by measuring the paint thickness on your vehicle’s panels. This gives us a measurement of how far we can take the paint correction without burning through the clear coat and paint. After this, we determine the perfect pad combination to remove the swirls, haze and scratches from the paint. Our processes help us to get the most out of our paint corrections, and in turn get your vehicle’s paint looking pristine.

Paint correction consists of two main steps, first compound, and secondly polish. Depending on the vehicle we are working on, those two main steps may consist of multiple rounds within them. We inspect every individual vehicle’s paint separately to determine the best course for correcting the paint. This level of detail ensures that no matter the type of paint, whether single-stage or clear coat paint, that we get it looking as close to perfection as possible.

If your vehicle’s paint is very lightly swirled with no deep marring or scratches, then a paint enhancement may be possible. This consists of just one step, rather than two. The same principle applies where we may have multiple rounds within that step. A paint enhancement will result in the same outcome as a full paint correction, provided that the paint is in a workable condition that permits an enhancement rather than a correction.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Correction

Is Paint Correction Worth It?

Paint correction is absolutely worth your investment. Paint correction can help you win car shows, maintain vehicle value, and revive damaged paint. If you notice your vehicle’s paint has haziness, swirls, or light scratches in it, then a paint correction is necessary to remove these imperfections. Paint correction is great at restoring the shine back to vehicles, especially older vehicles whose paint may need a little bit of love. When you take your vehicle to a car show or put it up for sale, clear and shiny paint will help you get the best results.

Will Paint Correction Fix Rock Chips?

We have methods to minimize the bad look of rock chips on your vehicle. Paint correction will not fix rock chips, as they have gone past the clear coat and paint, exposing the body of your vehicle underneath. If you want to prevent rock chips in your vehicle’s paint, we highly recommend getting paint protection film on the full front and high impact areas of your vehicle at least.

What To Do After Paint Correction?

After a paint correction, we recommend getting a professionally installed ceramic coating on your vehicle. This will help to seal your paint with a thin shield that protects the paint underneath from contaminants, as well as make your vehicle easier to wash. You should also wash your vehicle properly by hand, or by going through a touchless machine wash. Improper washing and standard machine car washes can lead to scratches and swirls reappearing in your paint.

If you need paint correction for your vehicle, contact us for a pre-booking inspection of the paint. Our quotes are based on the condition of the paint, so an inspection is usually necessary to determine the level of work. Paint correction is a straightforward way to add value to your investment. Everyone loves a shiny, swirl-free paint job.