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We serve Boerne TX and the surrounding areas with paint correction services to remove marring, swirl marks and light scratches. Call 830-331-2519 today.

Paint correction refers to the process of removing clear coat imperfections on a vehicles surface often to a better than new state. At Texas Auto Curators located in Boerne, TX, we can rejuvenate the paintwork of your vehicle by eliminating surface imperfections that dull, oxidize, or haze the surface.

Protect your investment with professional paint correction services from Texas Auto Curators. Our process will create a barrier of protection that lasts for years when paired with a ceramic coating.

The Paint Correction Process Involves:

1. Decontamination wash

2. Claying

3. Iron removal

4. 2-3 Step compounding and polish

Paint Correction:

For automotive paint correction that will leave your vehicle shining, contact our specialists at Texas Auto Curators. Call us to learn more at 830-331-2519.

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