Paint Protection Film in Boerne TX

We Install The Most Advanced, High-Quality PPF On The Market


Texas Auto Curators offers premium paint protection film installations for Boerne, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Why Would I Need Paint Protection Film?

In order to protect your investments from rock chips and road debris, PPF (also known as clear bra) is an essential addition to your automobile. We have top level expertise in applying industry-leading paint protection film. Our professional methods of installation allow us to hide as many PPF edges as possible to give it a seamless look. This combined with our years of experience laying film allows us to provide Boerne and the surrounding areas with the highest level of PPF installations using only the best films available anywhere.

Protect Your Vehicle

Prevent paint chips and scratches with paint protection film.

Replace PPF, Not Paint

Save time, money, and your vehicle's value by replacing PPF rather than having to respray paint.

Self Healing Properties

Advanced PPF has the ability to self-heal from minor scratches and swirls.
Front lip on Lamborghini gets PPF

Protect Against Contaminants and Road Debris

PPF is a transparent, durable film that serves as a protective barrier against environmental contaminants and road debris. Clear bra also offers a good level of scratch protection. It helps to absorb the impact of flying debris that gets kicked up on the road, preventing it from penetrating into the vehicles paint and causing damage that requires a new paint job. This added layer of protection not only protects the paint from damage, but it also preserves the paint underneath the film, safeguarding the value of the vehicle by maintaining the appearance of the paintwork.

PPF Porsche 911 993

Save Time and Money Replacing PPF

A great benefit of having paint protection film on your vehicle is that if the film were to be damaged, rather than having to repaint the vehicle and wait, the damaged film can usually be replaced in just one day. Unless you spend a lot of money, paintjobs outside of the factory are typically not perfect and panels may show signs of respray. Repainted parts on a vehicle can hurt its resale value, making it much more cost effective to protect the vehicle with PPF. Certain high-end vehicles also have special paints that have many different coats layered to produce their effect, or a matte finish paint. These paints jobs are extremely difficult to match.

Porsche gets paint protection film at Texas Auto Curators

Less Worries, More Driving

Another key benefit to premium PPF such as XPEL and Legend is their self-healing properties for minor scratches and swirl marks. When exposed to heat, the film can return to its original form, effectively erasing the imperfections and restoring it to a smooth look. You can enjoy your vehicle without the stress and worry of damaging your paint. With PPF, your paint is protected from road debris and contaminants, so you can worry less and drive more.

Texas Auto Curators

PPF Installed So Well, You Can Hardly Tell It’s There

Texas Auto Curators is your premier choice for paint protection film in Boerne, TX. We serve customers from all the surrounding areas with the best PPF on the market. We have options for gloss and matte paint vehicles, and we can also apply PPF on top of wraps. Our professional installation methods make it so you can hardly tell the paint protection film is on your vehicle. We do our best to hide edges and tuck the PPF into areas where it will not pull up.

Paint protection film is a worthwhile investment for any vehicle. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, PPF will protect the paint and other high impact areas, reducing the wear on your vehicle. We especially recommend PPF on high end luxury vehicles and supercars. These vehicles typically have expensive paint jobs that are time consuming to respray. Supercars also run on sticky tires that pick up lots of rocks and dirt from the roads, and fling them up into the bodywork. Rather than letting rock chips and scratches ruin your paint over time, have Texas Auto Curators install PPF on your vehicle.

If you are looking to purchase a matte or satin painted vehicle, we highly recommend a full clear bra install on the entire vehicle. Matte paint can be damaged very easily, with water spots and streaks left from improper washing, and rock chips that a highly visible due to the nature of the paint’s look. In addition, when matte paint is damaged and requires a respray, in most cases, this involves respraying the entire panel. To keep your vehicles matte or satin paint looking pristine, full paint protection film will do the job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paint Protection Film

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

Paint protection film typically lasts for 5-10 years depending on the climate the vehicle is in and how well it is maintained. We warranty our PPF installs for 5 years.

Should You Ceramic Coat Over PPF?

Yes, ceramic coating over PPF has the same benefits as if you got a ceramic coating on your paint. It helps to protect the clear bra and makes washing the vehicle easier.

Which Is Better, Ceramic Coating or PPF?

Neither is necesarily better than the other, because they each perform different functions. Ceramic coatings protect the paint from contaminants and add hydrophobic properties so that washing the vehicle is easier. Paint protection film is a layer of film on top of the paint that protects it from rock chips, scratches and UV rays. It all comes down to what you would prioritize if you could only choose one. Thankfully, you can do both!

How Should I Wash My Car With PPF?

You should wash your car completely by hand or by using a pressure washer. If you use a pressure washer, be mindful of the clear bra edges so you do not cause them to pull up. If you had the PPF ceramic coated, you should use a quality soap with lubricants in it. Dry the vehicle fully and be wary of pulling the edges of the paint protection film while drying with your microfiber towel.

Combined with a ceramic coating, PPF is the best way to protect your paint and make cleaning your vehicle easy. Don’t let rock chips, road debris, and light scratches ruin your paint. With a professional clear bra install, you can enjoy your vehicles without worrying about the minor damage that comes from everyday use.